mercredi 25 juillet 2018

Facada - Quebrante (2018)

Brazilian grind band Facada is a band I follow since a few years now (but they started fifteen years ago) but this new album, Quebrante, their fourth one, is making a stronger impression on me, the other ones were good, but, I don't know, maybe this one is just better, or maybe my mood these days is more connected to their music. Anyway this is some really good old school grind and i enjoy it, and I suggest you do the same.

lundi 23 juillet 2018

Night Verses - From the Gallery of Sleep (2018)

This one sounds cleaner and clearer than most of what I review here, but I enjoy this album and you could do as well. Night Verses is a band from LA and they released this year a great first album called From the Gallery of Sleep. Their music is instrumental post-rock / progressive metal, a bit technical but more about the atmosphere and songwriting. The guitar play reminds me a bit of Omar Rodriguez Lopez (At the Drive-In, The Mars Volta). Well written and well executed music, a really good album.

The Bandcamp page.

vendredi 20 juillet 2018

Shitstorm - Split 7'' with Radiation (2016)

I noticed just recently that the mighty Shitstorm from Miami released in 2016 their latest stuff, a split with Radiation, 7 songs in 6 minutes of super heavy grindcore (a bit like Cellgraft, also from Miami used to do). Draws from Napalm Death, but focusing on the faster and more brutal side (while keeping the punk feel).
Grindcore as it should be done, in my opinion. I can listen to it many times a day.
Heavily recommended.

As for the Radiation side, I just don't know, it's not online. I suppose it's ok...

The BC page for the Shitstorm side.

lundi 2 juillet 2018

Ramuh - Glowing Civilization (2018)

Ramuh is a new grind band with Mauro Cordoba (Maruta) on guitar, Dylan Walker (Full of Hell) on vocals and Balázs Pándi (well known in the undrground noise/drum&bass/experimental scene, played with Merzbow, J.K Broadrick, Bill Laswell, Venetian Snares, Zu, etc.) on drums. As expected this EP (on the excellent Nerve Altar label) called  Glowing Civilization is not completely traditionnal grind but it's more straightforward than Maruta or what Balázs Pándi usually does. Fast and technical but keeping the simple intensity of grind in those 7 tracks played in 6 minutes. Good stuff.

The BC page.