jeudi 22 décembre 2016

The 2016 list

Here we go, you'll find below my selection of albums released in 2016, those I enjoyed the most and / or found the most interesting (as usual I will do later a specific list for grind). Aside the name you'll find the link to the review I wrote. Of course feel free the post comments or suggestions.

In alphabetical order :

Aluk Todolo - Voix   the review
                                    and the interview

Anaal Nathrakh - The Whole of the Law  the review 

Brainbombs - Souvenrirs   the review

Guillame Perret - Free  the review

Haikai No Ku - Temporary Infinity  the review

Howls of Ebb - Cursus Impasse : The Pendlomic Vows  the review

Khtoniiks cerviiks - SeroLogiikal Scars (Vertex of Dementiia) the review

Landskap - III  the review

Martyrdod - List 
the review

Narcosatanicos - Body Cult  the review

Ruined Families - Education 
the review

Seremonia -  Pahuuden äänet the review

Skaphe - Skáphe²  the review

Skullfuck - Day of the Black Sun  the review

Youth Code - Commitment to Complications  the review

mercredi 21 décembre 2016

Violent Frustration - Peace was Never an Option (2016)

Violent Frustration is a recent german death/grind band and they released at the start of the year a really good album called Peace was Never an Option (after two other releases in 2013 both also really good). Their logo is obviously an homage to Insect Warfare but don't think they're trying to be clones. Insect Warfare could be one of their influences, but their music also evokes Nasum or Napalm Death (elements of old school and modern grind, with a powerfull production and relentless intensity) but I'd say what makes them different is the old school death metal elements, reminding sometimes Bolt Thrower. Grind indeed but with added death metal heaviness, brutality and groove. This is an excellent album and it will find its place in my coming best grind of 2016 list.

The BC page.

mardi 20 décembre 2016

Ragehammer - The Hammer Doctrine (2016)

Ok, this time something more primal and less sophisticated : the old-school black / speed metal of Ragehammer. The Hammer Doctrine is their first album and it is a really good one. With black metal vocals, blast beats and d-beats on the drums, speed / thrash riffing, with the bass loud in the mix, it evokes stuff like Impaled Nazarene, or maybe Venom. It's badass and very well done. If you're into this kind of old-school metal don't hesitate one second and go for it!

The Bandcamp page.

jeudi 15 décembre 2016

Guillaume Perret - Free (2016)

The cover of this album is a good description of it's content : the French saxophonist Guillaume Perret solo with his electrified saxophone and his effects pedals. The album is called Free, but don't expect something sounding like the usual free jazz. It is free from every jazz traditions and schools. You'll find elements evoking classical, swing, world and  klezmer (Perret, with his former band, recorded an album of John Zorn's Masada's cover belonging to the Book of angel series), but also electro, rock, and a bit of noise. This diversity makes the album a very surprising listen but it's main strenght, above the diversity, is the quality of the compositions with excellent melodies and groove. He really makes the sax sound powerfull and inspiring. I really recommend you listen to this great album even if you're not especially into jazz.

Guillaume Perret website.

lundi 12 décembre 2016

Ruined Families - Education (2016)

Ruined Families is a hardcore / punk band from Greece that already have a few very good releases (Read HERE my review of the previous one, with the interview we did back then). Their style could be related to screamo, without the predictability and stereotypes that usually goes with screamo, but with the intensity it can have. Their new album, Education, maintain the same level of quality while their sound evolved a bit, with more diversity. Education contains some of their most fast-paced and aggressive songs, but also their most melodic moments, and both are very well done, so I'd say it's a successfull move. Another good point I already mentionned about their previous releases, is the good lyrics, adding a dimension to the music if you take the time to read it. Education is another excellent album from Ruined famillies. don't miss it.

Their BC page.

vendredi 9 décembre 2016

Martyrdöd - List (2016)

Martyrdöd is probably the best d-beat / crustpunk (or neo-crust, with its epic and melodic element) band around, at leats since the release of the Paranoia album (in 2012). After Elddop that left me slightly disappointed (although it's a good album actually, but I had high expectations) that are now back in full force with List (still with Southern Lord records), leaving no doubt about how strong they are. If you stay in the crust boundaries you'll have a really hard time doing a better album and I think it could compares to Paranoia. The songs are furious and vibrant with a mercilless pummeling but also lifted by some memorable riffing (with a folk / viking something in the melodies, even evoking bagpipes at times, something I'm not usually that much into but it really works on this album). Highly recommended!

The BC page.

samedi 3 décembre 2016

Narcosatanicos - Body Cult (2016)

Two years after their excellent self-titled debut (read my review HERE) I'm really pleased to hear Narcosatanicos again on their new album called Body Cults. Sounds to me that heir sound and songwriting style evolved a bit, the loose noise psychedelic feel is less overwhelming and I'd say they gained in focus and heaviness wih also more melodies pushed forward, especially sax melodies that reminds at times King Crimson. Their noise rock less drowned into sludge proto-punk noise chaos and reaching more prog / doom territories. But in fact it's more a slight evolution than a radical change and if you liked the first album you will probably like this one as well. A slightly different beast but they kept the originality and quality on the same high. This time again they produced one of the most interesting album of the year. Highly recommended!

The Bandcamp page.

jeudi 1 décembre 2016

James Leg - Blood on the Keys (2015)

John Wesley Myers was the keyboard / vocals half of The excellent Black Diamond Heavies. He's now playing a similar kind of music in solo as James Leg. His third album Blood on the Keys is maybe not as good as Below the Belt was, but still unique, very good  and enjoyable. The music is stripped down garage rock. stripped down to the point there's no guitars! and it does not even feel less rocking at all! Just drums, vocals, and rhodes piano. Rocking and doing it with a lot of groove, and also with a kind of Tom Waits boogie style, and some old school soul / rhythm & blues feel. He really avoids sounding like the others garage rock bands while keeping very pure the essence of raw rock music.