mardi 25 avril 2017

Cloud Rat : split 7 w Crevasse and split LP w Moloch (2017)

Cloud Rat is in my opinion the best metal hardcore band of recent years. These two new splits (a 7 with Crevasse and a split album with Moloch) are another proof of how good they are. At the same time they have the best song of the super aggressive and ferocious kind and also manages to bring in an interesting and original way different elements, more melodic, into their hardcore. Two tracks on these splits embodies this original approach, on the one with Crevasse you have with "Fish in a Pool" a strange D-Beat meets Sonic Youth mix that works out perfectly. On the split with Moloch you find an even more radically different thing with "Amber Flush" which is a very good post-punk / new-wave song. excellent stuff again from Cloud Rat.

Crevasse is a good female fronted hardcore band, their two track are quite enjoyable. Moloch plays a doom metal / hardcore that failed to grab my attention. 

The Cloud Rat / Crevasse split BC page.

The Cloud Rat / Moloch split BC page.

jeudi 20 avril 2017

Pissed Jeans - Why Love Now (2017)

Don't get fooled by the cover : this is not mellow indie rock. Pissed Jeans, on this fourth album Why Love Now are still playing their nervous noise rock, sounding not very far from bands like Unsane, Nirvana and Black Flag. They never failed to deliver a good album and this one is no exception. It's even possible it's their best, with songs more "catchy" without losing any of their power and bite. Addictive stuff.

The Bandcamp page.

mercredi 12 avril 2017

Stimulant - Stimulant (2017)

Stimulant is a new band with two third of Water Torture. They released their first, self titled album with the excellent Nerve Altar label. All that means high expectations but the album proves to be up to it. Keeping elements from Water Torture but proposing a different formula as well. no more bass guitar but a guitar / drums duo, with still noise added. This is less heavy / sludgy but faster with more fastcore like parts. Similar elements, a different mix, but it still is lethal. Very strong suff.

The BC page.

vendredi 7 avril 2017

Alien Deviant Circus - Ananta Abhâva (2015)

Alien Deviant Circus is a French industrial black metal duo, Ananta Abhâva, released in 2015, is their third album. The album combines an industrial futuristic sound and an oriental mysticism inspiration. It uses black metal (the vocals and guitars) and industrial elements (the beats, the guitars) for the heavy and aggressive parts and combines it with dark ambient / ritualistic parts. The result is original and interesting , managing to produces some strong atmospheres, dark but of a kind not usual in black / industrial metal. The songs are long but not boring because there's a good balances between the repetitive / ritualistic ambient vibes and the straightforward aggressivity. Good stuff.

The Bandcamp page.

jeudi 6 avril 2017

Aluk Todolo - Archives vol.1 (2017)

As it's title, Archives vol.1, indicates this is not a new album but a collection of unreleased tracks from the French instrumental rock trio Aluk Todolo. These tracks from 2004 to 2010 shows a slightly more minimalistic and less polished aspect of Aluk Todolo's music. The elements are already kraut / noise drone / psychedelia but the repetitive and ritualistic vibe is even more present, like a focus on the basics of the band. I'm not always convinced by these kinds of releases but these tracks deserved to be released and their interest is not just an historic one, I really like listening to it again and again and if you're into this kind of music I'm sure you will do as well. As usual with Aluk Todolo this is high quality stuff.

The Bandcamp page.

lundi 3 avril 2017

Tomb Mold - Primordial Malignity (2017)

Tomb Mold is a duo from Toronto. Their demo released last year drew some well deserved attention, and now their first album Primordial Malignity places Tomb Mold as one of the best newcomers in the death metal scene. Their starting point was their love for early Finnish DM, but I can also hear some US old school elements, they sound rawer than USDM but also are more brutal and technical than scandinavian OSDM. They are different on many points but the band that comes to my mind the most when listening to Tomb Mold would be Suffocation, maybe because Suffocation helped pushing old school death metal to a new level of brutality. Tomb Mold has it all, good songs, good riffing, a cool bass sound, a raw and savage feel, the groove, good vocals, etc. making Primordial Malignity an excellent death metal album. Yes all the praises they get is deserved. Recommended stuff!

The Bandcamp page.