mercredi 31 juillet 2019

Lingua Ignota - Caligula (2019)

To be honest first time I listened to Lingua Ignota I wasn't impressed, but I think it was mostly because I was expecting something else. Then I saw her open a show with Author & Punisher, and the show made a huge impression on me, it was so intense! believe me, you NEED to witness a Lingua Ignota show in your life. After the show I listened to her music again and this time liked it immediately, just needed to be in the right mood... And now the new album Caligula, it's still mostly piano and harsh noise, operatic singing and screaming, on Caligula it's more piano less industrial, but same intensity. Unique and awesome.
Highly recommended.

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samedi 27 juillet 2019

The Lowest Form - Personal Space (2016)

Why the fuck did it take me three years to review this one? since three years I intend to do it but one thing after another prevented me from doing it sooner, you know how it can happen... But don't think this is an average album, it's an excellent one. The Lowest Form is an hardcore band from the UK and Personal Space their second release is filled with some nasty drenched in feedback and noise hardcore. Music truly sounding from the guts and going diretly to your guts through your bleeding ears and disoriented mind.
Highly recommended!

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jeudi 25 juillet 2019

Black Mountain - Destroyer (2019)

Destroyer, Black Mountain's fifth album (I liked them since their first, you should check their whole discography) is maybe their more "heavy metal" one, a kind of neo proto heavy metal crossed with space rock and stoner, think a mix of Black Sabbath (maybe in its Never Say Die incarnation), Hawkwind and Blue Oyster Cult. Black Mountain at their most heavy, epic and progressive. An excellent album with memorable songs, including a good ending with a nice David Bowie tribute (not a cover but indoubitably a tribute). Recommended!

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mardi 23 juillet 2019

Birdflesh - Extreme Graveyard Tornado (2019)

Extreme Graveyard Tornado is Birdflesh's fifth album. They are playing this Repulsion style deathgrind since the early nineties and it's clear they know very well how to do it, with catchy riffing and good grooves. Their first release since their very good split with Organ Dealer and another very enjoyable piece of deathgrind.

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samedi 13 juillet 2019

DJ Speedsick - Nothing Lasts (2019)

DJ Speedsick is from USA's Midwest but this album released earlier this year, Nothing Lasts, reminds me a bit the French hardcore techno scene in the nineties. Old School hardcore techno with a feel of dirt and danger, music for wild raves in warehouses (or fields/forest in the middle of nowhere). It's excellent.

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lundi 8 juillet 2019

Beton / Roxor - Split LP (2018)

This is a split (released lats year) from two bands from Slovakia, playing what could be called death'n'roll or dis-entombed. Beton (I reviewed their first album a few years ago HERE) are more on the old school Swedish death metal side whereas Roxor have a stronger Mororhead/Discharge feel but both bands sits where cruties and old school metalheads meets, and both speaks fluently that language. Cool stuff.

The Beton side

The Roxor side

mardi 2 juillet 2019

The Flying Luttenbachers - Shattered Dimension (2019)

The Flying Luttenbachers is a band from New York formed around avant-garde drummer Weasel walter, with also saxophonist Matt Nelson (GRID, Elder Ones), bass guitarist Tim Dahl (Child Abuse, Lydia Lunch) and guitarist Brandon Seabrook. What they play could be described as no-wave/free-jazz/noisegrind or as chaos unleashed. Won't be for everybody but if you like the hardest of John Zorn music, or bands like Sissy Spacek or Sete Star Sept, then you probably will like it. Anyway it's really good so I recommend it, will you dare trying it?

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