samedi 30 octobre 2021

Blockheads - Trip To The Void (2021)

Blockheads never disappoint. And their new album, Trip To The Void, is no exception. This sixth album,  to be released November the 15th by Bones Brigade Records & LIXIVIAT Records have been recorded, mixed and mastered by Steph Tanker in his Disvlar Studio. Blockheads have been delivering the best grindcore for 30 years and Trip To The Void is proof they still are at the top and still are a perfect embodiment of pure grindcore. Total grind intensity in 25 songs and 28 minutes. There is little doubt that Trip To The Void will stay as the best grindcore album of the year.

jeudi 28 octobre 2021

The Bronx - Bronx VI (2021)

As you can guess, Bronx VI is the sixth album from The Bronx, who, as you cannot guess, are from Los Angeles. Like their previous albums, this is really well-crafted rocking and positive punk-hardcore, in a vein that is really their own. Recommended!

Their BC page.

lundi 25 octobre 2021

Blood Spore - Fungal Warfare Upon All Life (EP 2019)

Blood Spore is an American death-doom band singing about evil fungus. I really enjoy their EP Fungal Warfare Upon All Life released in 2019 (3 tracks in about 20 minutes). Their music is on the aggressive side of death-doom, with a raw delivery that can remind Autopsy. Good riffs, good vocals, good grooves. And fungus. Cool. 

The Bandcamp page.


samedi 23 octobre 2021

Ministry - Moral Hygiene (2021)

The last memorable album from Ministry was Rio Grande Blood in 2006, so expectations weren't especially high for this new album, called Moral Hygiene. But it turns out it's their best one since Animositisomina (2003), and some would maybe even go back to Filth Pig (1996) or Psalm 69 (1992). Moral Hygiene reminds vintage Ministry, with more groove, basslines (there's even a dub track in the end) and there's also a Killing Joke feel running through most of the album (oh, and there's Jello Biafra singing one song). It's surprisingly good, and those whose gave up on Ministry are going to be shocked. 2021 is fucked, but at least a totally good time for a good Ministry album. Enjoy!

The BC page.


dimanche 17 octobre 2021

ZillaKami - Dog Boy (2021)

Intended to review a City Morgue album for a while, but the last album of the trap duo Toxic Boogaloo was a bit disappointing (was ok but not as good as As Good As  Dead) and it seems a new City Morgue album is gonna drop soon (called Bottom of the Barrel). So for now I'm reviewing the solo album of one og the City Morgue member, ZillaKami, the most versatile vocalist of the two and he also seems to be the most creative element of the duo, rapping, singing and producing. His first album Dogboy is an excellent exercise in trap metal, with tracks going from aggressive to depressive, the first ones with riffs the could reminds Slipknot (the quick intro featuring Corey Taylor is not here by chance) and the others with riffs more in a Deftone and grunge vein and with more melodic vocals. This rap/metal mix have sometimes produced atrocious results but KillaKami is really good to make it work and Dogboy will probably stay as one of the best trap/hip-hop album of the year. Recommended stuff.

mercredi 13 octobre 2021

Fuck On The Beach / Endless Swarm - split 7'' (2020)

This split 7'' bring together two good powerviolence/grind band, the Japanese Fuck On The Beach whom I discover, with pleasure, and Endless Swarm from Scotland whom I follow since some years now (I reviewed their latest album HERE). This is old school and relentless goodness, no surprise it's been released (last year) by To Live A Lie Records. 

The BC page.


vendredi 8 octobre 2021

Dope Purple - Grateful End (2021)


Dope Purple is a new psych rock band from Taiwan and their first album Grateful End is released by two interesting labels, Riot Seasons and VW Sorcerer Productions. It's combining more trippy moments, including some heavy blues riffing that could remind Led Zeppelin's Dazed and Confused, and more rocking wild and noisy parts that reminds Acid Mothers Temple. Strong stuff.

The Bandcamp page.



lundi 4 octobre 2021

Ruin - Spread Plague Death (2021)


Spread Plague Death is the third album from Ruin, and they keep on delivering especially filthy and raw old school death metal, with a groove that could remind Repulsion and Autopsy, but also Mortician. I'd say their first album (reviewed HERE) is still their best, but this one's enjoyable as well.

The Bandcamp page.