vendredi 18 décembre 2020

GALL - 17​:​21 MIN (2020)

17​:​21 MIN is the new release from German trio GALL(Read HERE my review of some of their previous releases), and once again it is excellent. Their noisegrind with experimental leanings stimulates the mind while producing an electrifying physical impact. Good drumming parts, good textures, high intensity. I really enjoy it.

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jeudi 17 décembre 2020

Ett Dödens Maskineri - Det Svenska Hatet (2020)

Det Svenska Hatet is the first album from this Swedish band called Ett Dödens Maskineri and it's an excellent one in a crust/d-beat punk hardcore vein, with fine melodic / epic parts that could evoke neocrust. If you're into that kind of stuff there's just absolutely no reason you wouldn't enjoy it. With their first album they are already much better than most bands in this scene. Quality stuff.

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mardi 15 décembre 2020

Brainbombs - Cold Case (2020)

Cold Case, released early in 2020 is the return of the kings of repetitive noise rock with trumpet and sordid spoken vocals. And it's a kind of return to the basics of Brainbombs, exit the somewhat psychedelic experimentations of Souvenirs and (to a lesser extent) Inferno, Brainbombs are back harder, more straightforward, bleaker and even more miserable. The result is maybe less memorable than Souvenirs, but sounds maybe more cohesive and consistent than Inferno. For sure, it's a worthy addition to their very special discography.

samedi 12 décembre 2020

Panic Scenery - Eldritch Abomination (2020)

Second album from Belgian producer Panic Scenery (Kevin Barbier) Eldritch Abomination (on the label Spirit of Progress) is a good piece of horrific themed hardcore techno, twelve tracks (plus three remixes) of thick dark ambient / industrial atmospheres with heavy hardcore beats over it. Good stuff. 

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jeudi 10 décembre 2020

Unless Truth - Chaotic Manifesto (EP 2020)

Unless Truth
is a Mexican deathgrind one-man band and the EP Chaotic Manifesto is its first release. Seven tracks for ten minutes of top notch deathgrind, with vocals and riffs evoking as well Repulsion and more modern brutal death, and typical grindcore drumming. The lyrics are in line with the punk/leftist side of grind. A simple but welcome listening pleasure. I really like it and will for sure follow what he'll do next.  


lundi 7 décembre 2020

GA-20 - Lonely Soul (2019) & Live vol.1 (EP 2020)

GA-20 is a garage blues trio from Boston formed in 2018, they released last year an impressive first album, Lonely Soul, and now are back with an equally good live four tracks, simply called Live vol. 1. Their music is rooted in the blues, Delta blues, Chicago electric blues, etc. but also reminds the Black Keys, and could also evoke The Rolling Stones Exile on Main Street. It's really well done and I really enjoy those two releases. They're my favourite recent garage blues band.

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samedi 5 décembre 2020

Refused - The Malignant Fire (EP 2020)

This new EP from Refused called The Malignant Fire is in line with their album from last year War Music that was a kind of return to their hardcore roots (one of the five tracks, Malfire, was already on war music), and it's also excellent, quite straightforward, but always with this subtle something (the vocals, the songwriting, the soul and the fire?) that makes Refused very special among hardcore bands.

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jeudi 3 décembre 2020

Dark Machine Nation - Hail of Iron (2020)

Therion Major, the man doing Dark Machine Nation describe his music as "intense vocal Power Noise/Industrial Hardcore" and as you can guess there's elements of industrial techno and power electronics, but also industrial metal (some parts reminds Ministry, when it was good). And it is indeed intense. Hail of Iron is a one-hour mix with recent and older tracks. It's one of my favourite industrial/electronic release this year. Powerful stuff.

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mardi 1 décembre 2020

Skeletal Remains - The Entombment of Chaos (2020)

I consider Skeletal Remains as one of the most reliable purveyor of quality old school death metal. All their albums are excellent and the new one, The Entombment of Chaos, is no exception. Even though they are Californian they keep on delivering the best classic Floridian death metal you can find (evoking Death, Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Agel and Obituary). Recommended.

samedi 28 novembre 2020

Freddie Gibbs & The Alchemist - Alfredo (2020)

This album is all about pastas. Really? Well, it's more about old school and finely crafted hip-hop, with one of the best producer and a talented MC. It's named Alfredo for Freddie Gibbs & The Alchemist, but it's also the name of an American pasta recipe, and the occasion for a nod to The Godfather movies. The Alchemist old school soul music samples based laid back hip-hop is as good as usual, and Freddie Gibbs manages to make his fast flow fit to it.  memorable Catchy samples and rapping, memorable tracks, for one of the strongest and most enjoyable hip-hop album of the year.

jeudi 26 novembre 2020

Anthropic - Architects of Aggression (2020)

I enjoyed the first EP Anthropic released three years ago (my review HERE) and was hoping for an album. Here it is, called Architects of Aggression, and it's up to my expectations. Excellent good old school death-grind, raw, fast songs with a catchy grind groove. Good stuff.

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lundi 23 novembre 2020

Ils - Curse (2020)

 Ils is a band from Portland and their first album Curse is a very strong one. Their music is noise rock/hardcore, let's say between Unsane and Converge, but without never sounding really like those. They really found a good dosage between heaviness, speed, rawness and groove. Strongly recommended!

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jeudi 19 novembre 2020

Dead Neanderthals - Twin Sister (2020)

Dead Neanderthals is built around René Aquarius on drums and Otto Kokke usually playing saxophone with a noise/free jazz result, but album after album they change who is playing what (changing instruments and musical style). On this album, Twin Sister, it is René Aquarius on the drums, the only permanent element, and like on the last three releases Otto Kokke plays synths/keys and they are joined on bass by Jason stoll. The music is a kind of drone / doom, the keys being used for droning / textures and not for melodies. Not as slow, dark and heavy as their more recent drone/death album Blood Rite (with vocals for the first time), but in my opinion more interesting and better, thanks to a more dynamic songwriting I'd say. Twin Sister is both an interesting try and a good album. 

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mardi 17 novembre 2020

Kuvera B - Mis Demonios (2016)

Kuvera B is a French producer, his music is an unconventional hardcore techno, distorted and heavy, with sneaky ghostly melodies. Mis Demonios, a four tracks release from 2016, on New York Haunted, is maybe my favourite released from him. But Sleepless Nights, also in 2016 is worth mentioning, as well as Meet The Black Dog he released this year. Quality music.

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vendredi 13 novembre 2020

Stimulant - Sensory Deprivation (2020)

Sensory Deprivation is the second album (again on Nerve Altar) from the ex-Water Torture bass and drum duo Stimulant. Which means another caustic dose of powerviolence/grind goodness. Expectedly this is noisy and punishing, but that's just what we like, right?

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mercredi 11 novembre 2020

Gorephilia - In The Eye of Nothing (2020)

In The Eye of Nothing is the third album, released by Dark Descent, from Finnish band Gorephilia. It's an excellent old school death metal album which main influence sound to be Morbid Angel (I'd say mostly Covenant / Domination time). You know, the crushing heavy groove and the feel of otherworldly ominous presence atmosphere. Nicely crafted and enjoyable. No reason you wouldn't like it if you're into that kind of stuff.


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dimanche 8 novembre 2020

Circle of Ouroborus - Viimeinen Juoksu (2020)

Viimeinen Juoksu is the 18th album from Circle of Ouroborus, and is more straightforward black metal than it is usually, no folkish part but more epicness, the psych  / shoegazey post-punk elements are still there but overall there's a more black metal feel. The result is maybe less unique, even though it totally sounds like Circle of Ouroborus and nothing else, but the songs are great, especially the short but very epic varjonhauta in the middle of the album.

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vendredi 6 novembre 2020

LØVVE - After the rain the sun comes out (2020)

LØVVE is a young French band and After the rain the sun comes out is their second album. Their music is somewhere between old school hardcore and powerviolence/grind. It is straight to the point and done right, with all the intensity needed. Good stuff.

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mercredi 4 novembre 2020

Frett - The World as a Hologram (2020)

This is a solo album from Maciek Frett (of Job Karma and 7jk and an organizer in the Polish industrial scene). The World as a Hologram could be described as an analog mix of synth wave and death industrial, with a bit of spoken / screamed vocals. It's released by ant-zen but maybe wouldn't sound out of place either in the Cold Meat Industry catalog. Excellent stuff.

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samedi 31 octobre 2020

Abatuar - Mortandad (2020)

Mortandad is the second album from Abatuar, a one man band from Panama, I already enjoyed the first one (read my review HERE) and I really like this one as well. Disgusting vocals over primitive and raw death/grind riffs and beats, going from d-beat to Mortician. 


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jeudi 29 octobre 2020

AZOK - SAPNP (EP 2016)

Don't know much about this one, seems AZOK is a Japanese band (or from the US?) and this EP? SAPNP was released in 2016 (or was it 2019?). You won't find a lot more underground... and maybe you won't find it at all! Whatever it is, it's excellent ! A kind of crust/low-fi black metal and power electronics/noise hybrid, very raw and very satisfying to my ears... An album from them would be great.

Highly recommended.

dimanche 25 octobre 2020

Brant Bjork - Brant Bjork (2020)

This self-titled album from Brant Bjork (ex Kyuss, Fu Manchu and having done plenty of cool solo albums) is maybe the best he's done in recent years and a fine example of how he is COOL made flesh, I mean made music. You could say it's stoner rock or desert rock, but above all it is vibrating cool and groove.




vendredi 23 octobre 2020

DeathEpoch - Abysmal Invocation (2020)

DeathEpoch is a new Polish duo whose first album Abysmal Invocation is a combination of war metal and dark ambient / power electronics / industrial tech. A combination that seems "natural", but that is actually quite rare. In Abysmal Invocation it works well, but maybe it would have gained if the two elements were more blended in the songs instead of a mere succession of nearly normal war metal songs (with a slight industrial feel in the guitars) and electronic/noise intros and interludes. So it's an interesting and good first try, but I'd say they should go further next time. That been said, it's a promising debut and I recommend you give it a try if you're into these kinds of sonic extremism.

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mardi 20 octobre 2020

Tyrant - Hereafter (2020)

Tyrant is a very old band, going back to 1978, for their new album Hereafter they recruited Robert Lowe (ex Solitude Aeternus and ex Candlemass) on vocals. So yes doom indeed, but on the traditional heavy metal side of doom, the music evoking as much Black Sabbath as Judas Priest. Unsurprisingly this is released by the best label specialized in traditional metal, Shadow Kingdom. If you're into that kind of stuff this album is a mandatory listen.

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vendredi 16 octobre 2020

Christoph de Babalon - Recurring Horrors (2020)

Recurring Horrors is the new album from German producer Christoph de Babalon and his "gothic jungle" is as good as always. Subtle but efficient drum & bass beats over dark atmosphere is his trademark sound, but with Recurring Horrors the mood is especially creepy. And I like it!

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lundi 12 octobre 2020

Pig Destroyer - The Octogonal Stairway (EP 2020)

The Octogonal Stairway is the new EP from grinders Pig Destroyer. First three tracks are straightforward grind with a good heavy and powerful groove, especially the fastest first two tracks are really strong, the third mid tempo one being OK but less memorable. The second half of the EP is composed of industrial/noise tracks. I love industrial/noise music, but in my opinion these tracks are more fillers than anything else. But the firsts tracks are excellent and really worth your attention.

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samedi 10 octobre 2020

Pimmit Hills - Heathens & Prophets (2020)

Pimmit Hills is the new band formed by King Giant members after one guitarist left, but, while keeping a King Giant flavour, especially with the exceptional vocals of Dave Hammerly, it's also a different thing musically. Their first release Heathens & Prophets is less epic and heavy metal but is more 70'  heavy blues and stoner, a bit like a mix of King Giant, Mountain and Kyuss. And they also do that with a lot of class. I miss KG but I'm happy to be able to listen to Pimmit Hills, talented musicians with one of the very best heavy metal singers. Recommended!

The Bandcamp page.


lundi 5 octobre 2020

Kan Mikami - Barking Practice / White Lines (2007)

Barking Practice / White Lines is one of the Kan Mikami albums released on the famous PSF label, a Japanese label specialized in experimental/free music (Keiji Haino, Fushitsua, etc.). On this one Kan Mikami is at it most minimalist/raw bluesy and at the same time there's also an abstract/free vibe, his guitar playing and his singing are very special, very simple but wild and emotional. Among the few albums I know from Kan Mikami this one is my favourite. Highly recommended!

jeudi 1 octobre 2020

Khthoniik Cerviiks - Æquiizoiikum (2020)

Æquiizoiikum (released this year with Iron Bonehead productions) is the second album from Khthoniik Cerviiks. It's another masterpiece in their unique Khaotik Hallucigenik black/death metal. The voivodian / progressive element is maybe slightly more present than on their previous works, but it's still definitely extreme metal at the same time. With this new album they confirm they are among the most interesting and best extreme metal band.

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vendredi 25 septembre 2020

Turbo Distortion - Les Flammes de l'enfer (2020)

Les Flammes de l'enfer is the second album from the French Canadian band Turbo Distortion. They play some AC / DC inspired hard rock, with vocals in French. They do it very well and the album is a really enjoyable and fun listening. Bien joué les gars !

Their website.


mercredi 23 septembre 2020

Uniform - Shame (2020)

Shame, the third album from Uniform continues in the same industrial/noise metal vein of the previous one (The Long Walk), again with live drumming, but with Mike Sharp as full time member instead of Greg Fox as session drummer. Nothing very surprising, but since they maintain a very high level of quality, staying among the few very best in the industrial metal genre, this is totally fine. Really recommended!

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dimanche 20 septembre 2020

Lonnie Holley - National Freedom (2020)

I discovered Lonnie Holley two years ago with his previous album MITH that I really liked, and this new one called National Freedom is also excellent. It is some raw and weird blues, maybe we could say "free blues", at the same time sounding primitive and authentic but without following the strict formulas of traditional blues. Good melodies played on guitar and on piano, often with a somewhat repetitive ceremonial vibe, and the singing is very special.

The Bandcamp page.


jeudi 17 septembre 2020

Bain de sang - Sacrificed for a Load of Filth and Lies (EP 2020)

Bain de sang is a recent French grind/punk band with members from Blockheads and Department of Correction. Their new EP Sacrificed for a Load of Filth and Lies is exactly what I want from a grind/punk band, and they do it the way it should be done. Fast, powerful and straight to the point, and the good riffs doesn't harm either. So it's a band I'll follow closely (their demo a few years ago unfortunately escaped my radar but I'll try to keep track of what they'll do next!). My only complaint is that the noise track in the end isn't really good, I like better the new trend in grind/powerviolence of noise tracks than the previous trend of sludge tracks, but this time it's not really convincing. But the grind songs are excellent and that's what matters.


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lundi 14 septembre 2020

Dephosphorus - Sublimation (2020)

Dephosphorus is a band that, at every time of its evolution, had an extra something, a great attention to details and mastery over what they do (the thundering and especially good drums parts in Sublimation is a great example of that. Riffs are very good as well, and you can recognize instantly Panos vocals), and also offering something different. While still firmly rooted in the most lethal black/death Sublimation is maybe also where they expand the most their "cosmic" atmospheres that could remind a bit Neurosis but in short songs filled with blast beats, even if sometimes the pace slows down. Every tracks bring something different, new subtleties. Sublimation is another excellent album from Dephosphorus deepening and polishing further their unique style. I also recommend their new live cassette (recorded during the Impossible Orbits tour), quality stuff.

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vendredi 11 septembre 2020

Fange - Poigne (EP 2020)

Quickly following the release of their excellent last album Pudeur (that I reviewed HERE), Fange released an EP called Poigne. This EP digs deeper the industrial sound introduced in Pudeur (with a drum machine instead of a drummer). In Poigne Fange's sound is definitely closer to Auther & Punisher or NIN than to Entombed. Maybe not everybody will like it, but that's fine with me, especially since the result is really convincing.

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mardi 8 septembre 2020

Fret - Over Depht (2017)


Fret is one of Mick Harris's projects. He took part in the invention of blast beats and grindcore behind the drum kit with Napalm Death, then moved over to industrial/bass/electronic music (and kept on drumming sometimes with John Zorn's Painkiller) for which he also had been pioneer with Scorn, Quoit and Fret, we could say he was doing dubstep long before the name existed (and better!). Over Depht, released in 2017 is the latest Fret album but there's two more recent EP's both good as well. Fret is going with a 130 bpm speed but with beats that are more complex and irregular than techno usually is. We could say Fret is halfway between the slower Scorn and the more drum & bass Quoit. Anyway it is pure Mick Harris, with a dark and heavy industrial sound and smart beats.

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vendredi 4 septembre 2020

Abyssal Ascendant - Deacons of Abhorrence (2020)

Deacons of Abhorrence is the second album from this death metal band from the East of France called Abyssal Ascendant. I liked what they did since their first EP in 2013 (the band founder is an old friend of mine, so I knew them from the start), but this new album is indubitably a step forward, with a more affirmed style and a more powerful production. The music is firmly rooted in the old school of US death metal, Morbid Angel especially comes to mind (the Gateways album more precisely), but also Nile and Cannibal Corpse. Crushing mid tempo parts alternates with faster moments combining brutality and an epic feel of ominous dark forces. On a few songs some digital synth/choirs are supposed to strengthen this epic/atmospheric side, but to be honest this is not what I prefer on the album, but at least it is cohesive with the lovecraftian concept and maybe some people will like it. The production brings a more modern touch (I'd even say the drums sounds a bit too clinical for me but maybe that's also a matter of taste). Overall Deacons of Abhorrence is a very solid album filled with memorable songs and is kind of vibrating with a communicative love for death metal that anyone into this music will relate to and enjoy. Well done and very enjoyable!

The Bandcamp page.



mardi 1 septembre 2020

Merzbow, Keiji Haino, Balazs Pandi - Become the discovered, not the discoverer (2019)

Become the discovered, not the discoverer
, released last year,
is the second album from the trio Merzbow, Keiji Haino, Balazs Pandi. It is completely improvised music and is closer to free jazz than to the harsh noise Merzbow is known for. This time his noise is more like a soundscape in the background, while Keiji Haino is playing his guitar (but don't expect riffs or melodies) and Pandi drumming. Sometimes it is heavy, but often it is more meditative, but always with a noise element provided by the guitar and machines. Good and interesting stuff. Note that a Merzbow, Mats Gustafsson, Balasz Pandi album is to be released this month, should be interesting as well.

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samedi 29 août 2020

Imperial Triumphant - Alphaville (2020)

On Alphaville like on their previous fantastic album Vile Luxury the black metal origin of Imperial Triumphant sounds very distant, but that's for the best since they're now a much more interesting beast. They're now closer to what their drummer Kenny Grohowski is doing when he's playing on one of John Zorn's album. There's also a strong dose of progressive rock in a king crimsonian vein (their more recent more abstract dissonant and darker albums), and the featuring of Meshuggah's drummer (percussions on one track) and Colin Marston sounds totally natural. The more abstract and dissonant works of Blut Aus Nord can come to mind as well. But, while it's evolving from release to release, the band really found a unique formula, so comparison's to other bands or only meant to give an idea of the global feel of the music. Compared to Vile Luxury there's less brass instruments parts and the overall feel is colder and more futuristic, less chaotic and violent. A different nuance but the same very high musical quality.

Their website

lundi 24 août 2020

Napalm Death - Throes of Joy in The Jaws of Defeatism (2020)


Previous two Napalm Death albums (Utilitarian and Apex Predator) were excellent, as well as the EP Logic Ravaged By Brute Force, so I had big expectations for this new Napalm Death album. But Throes of Joy in The Jaws of Defeatism is even better than what I expected. More than 30 years after their beginning not only they play as fast as ever, like in the opening track, but they also keep on reshaping the style they created (with a few others) a long time ago, this time mostly with post-punk/industrial atmospheres, a bit like they did in the EP (and in the 90' but in a different way). Plenty of memorable tracks on this album (Fuck The Factoid, Joie de ne pas vivre, Invigorating Clutch, Amoral, Acting in Gouged Faith) with a lot of diversity (different speed, different feels, etc.). Barney is doing an especially good job with his vocals, and the other guys are super tight. Throes of Joy in The Jaws of Defeatism is bound to be not only one of the best grindcore albums (maybe THE best) for 2020, but also one of the best albums of the year all styles considered. Like good wine or whisky, Napalm Death only gets better with time and this new album is an impressive proof of that. Is this a review or a love letter to the band? Let's say it's both.

Their Website


mercredi 19 août 2020

Hexvessel - Kindred (2020)


It's about time I review an Hexvessel album! I intend to do it since their second album in 2012 No Holier Temple, and since that day they kept on releasing good music (that I failed each time to review... damn!). But Kindred, the new album from the Finnish band with a British singer (an outstanding singer who also sang in Beastmilk) is absolutely worthy of a review, maybe even more than their previous releases. Kindred covers with ease and elegant class different spaces between quiet folk, heavy rock and psych/prog. The opening track, the very King Crimsonian Billion Year Old Being is highly memorable and one of their best song yet, and the rest of the album is also excellent. Highly recommended!

The Bandcamp page

dimanche 16 août 2020

Naked - Killed by Roses (2020)

Killed by Roses is the fourth release from the duo from London NAKED, an interesting and intense mix of power electronics, industrial tech and a touch of hip-hop. Noise, beats, and screams. Good stuff.

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mercredi 12 août 2020

Moldering Vibration - Buried Deep (2020)


Moldering Vibration is a new band from California and Buried Deep is their first demo. Their music is already really cool, catchy and enjoyable old school deathgrind with a few death/doom parts. After this promising start I'm looking forward to listening what they'll release next.

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lundi 10 août 2020

Sly & The Family Drone - Walk It Dry (2020)

Fantastic new album, called Walk It Dry from British noise / free jazz band Sly & The Family Drone. Their previous one Gentle Persuader was maybe a bit too, yes gentle, and too ambient to my taste but this one really succeed to grasp my attention and keep it, to the opening track, reminding Painkiller with the sax & drum with dub production thing, to some more repetitive, percussive & ritualistic tracks, to heavier ones as well, with a feel of mystery and daring freedom throughout. This is really the kind of album I hoped from them and I recommend you give it a try.

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samedi 8 août 2020

Akakabuto - 赤カブト (2016)

Akakabuto is actually a band from Sweden, that I discovered thanks to Terminal Escape. What they play is a super efficient and ferocious mix of råpunk, d-beat and fast hardcore. This tape, called 赤カブト,  recorded in 2015 but probably released in 2016 is their latest, I hope they are still active... Recommended stuff.


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