mercredi 29 mai 2019

Obscuring Veil - Fleshvoid to Naught (2019)

Truly nightmarish. The word that imposes itself when listening to this first Obscuring Veil album Fleshvoid to Naught is : nightmarish. Then brilliant, psychedelic, beautifull in its twisted way. And this is what could be expected from the musicians that gathered to do this : Matron Thorn on guitars/vocals (Ævangelist, Præternatura, Benighted in Sodom, Devil Worshipper), H.V. Lyngdal on bass (Wormlust, Martröð, Guðveiki), Mories on keyboards and synths ( Gnaw Their Tongues, Cloak of Altering, De Magia Veterum, Aderlating), Jarle Byberg on drums (Urgehal, ex-Craft), and Kabukimono on voices. it's also fitting that it's released on I, Voidhanger records.
This mix of black metal, dark ambient and free jazz (somewhat) is no doubt one of the most interesting album to be released this year. Highly recommended.

The Bandcamp page.

mercredi 22 mai 2019

meth. - I Love You (2018)

I Love You is the second short release from this Chicago sextet called meth. They play some relentless, super intense and a bit chaotic hardcore, with a bit of noise added (many bands are doing that nowadays but that's not a bad thing). It sound like somewhere between Converge and Gaza.  It's good but only five short tracks, a longer release would be welcome now!

The BC page. 

dimanche 19 mai 2019

Dälek - Respect to the Authors EP (2019)

Respect to the Authors is the new Dälek release (on Exile on Mainstream records), a six tracks EP. It provides a nice sample of their trademark sound, old school MCing and beats over some shoegaze / indus / noise atmospheres, with some moments more strong on the groove and rhythm (especially the really good title track) and some others more on the nostalgic atmopsheric side. Nothing surprising if you know them, but really good stuff as usual.

Dalek's Deaverse website page.

vendredi 17 mai 2019

Intensive Care - Incinerated - Split EP (2019)

Another awesome release from Nerve Altar Records. It's a split between Intensive Care (from Toronto, with an ex-Column of Heaven) and Incinerated (from Melbourne). Great track from Intensive Care, somewhere between Godflesh and Obituary, with a massive groove (close to a hip-hop feel at times!), the four tracks from Incinerated (I discover them with this release and sure will check their discography) are excellent death/grind, also with a lot of groove.
Overall it makes a really interesting and enjoyable release, I dare you to resist playing it again when it ends !

The BC page.

mardi 14 mai 2019

Ulthar - Cosmovore (2018)

Cosmovore, released last yera by 20 Buck Spin is Ulthar's first album the band from California (featuring Vastum guitarist) delivers a death metal firmly rooted in the old school but with also a weirdness that remind sme Voivod, fitting well the lovecraftian inspiration. I you like OSDM but want something different this album will be a good pick. I would have liked a stronger dose of bizarre, but it's good like it is anyway.

The Bandcamp page.

jeudi 9 mai 2019

Amygdala - Our Voice Will Soar Forever (2019)

Our Voice Will Soar Forever is the second album for Amygdala (after a demo) and the quality and intensity is maintained on a very high level, with another impressive performance from their vocalist (and again good lyrics too). It confirms they are among the very best current hardcore bands. They just sound more real and intense.

The BC page. 

samedi 4 mai 2019

Turbohaler - Metal Vessel Music (2019)

Turbohaler is a noisegrind duo (drums, guitar, vocals sometimes and noise), and they released an excellent cassette called Metal Vessel Music with the awesome Utech Records. They mention Napalm Death and Boredoms as influences but I'd add it reminds me also of Dead Neanderthals or a more savage Brainbombs. Wether you're into noisegrind, noise or the hardest free jazz, and even more if you like all that, you will love it. Really intense and strong stuff. I'm already waiting for their next release.

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