mercredi 17 août 2022

Ambush - Infidel (2020)

Infidel, released two years ago, is the third album of Ambush. It sees the Swedish band going a bit more personnal, keeping the very strong Judas Priest influence (Accept as well) but less permanently blatant. The result is a solid and enjoyable traditionnal heavy/speed metal album, with good songs, musicianship and excellent vocals. And they maintains the cheesiness inherent to the style at the right level (enough for the fun, but not too much).


Their website.


mardi 2 août 2022

Father Befouled - Crowned in Veneficum (2022)

Crowned in Veneficum is the fifth album from Father Befouled, and, while they were already good, with this new album they elevated their dark art to a higher level. They mix US old school death metal with death-doom and cavernous murky death metal, somewhere between Incantation, Immolation and Impetuous Ritual. And this is done with excellent riffing and nice maniacal leads. Recommended!

The Bandcamp page.

mercredi 27 juillet 2022

Viagra Boys - Cave World (2022)

Welfare Jazz, the previous Viagra Boys album, has probably been one of the three albums I listened the most to during the last two years. The new one, Cave World, is on its way to follow the same path... They seem to be dropping awesome albums like others go fishing. I mean, they make it look like it's easy. And they don't just follow a formula, many songs in Cave World will surprise you even if you know their music. It's another delivery of sharp guitars, sarcasms, groove, howling sax and Suicide beats, but  with a different twist. And as addictive. You've been warned.

Their website.


samedi 23 juillet 2022

Ancient Methods - The Jericho Records (2018)

Ancient Methods (from Berlin) is one of the most reliable dealer of industrial techno. The Jericho Records is their latest LP (released in 2018), and an immersive listening experience, the beat-driven hard-hitting element going hand in hand with the dark futuristic atmosphere. And featurings like producers Orphx, Regis and Prurient and vocalist King Dude cannot harm for sure. Excellent stuff, and a good entry point if you want to discover industrial techno.


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jeudi 21 juillet 2022

Whoresnation - Dearth (2022)

Dearth, the third album from French grinders Whoresnation continues the evolution already heard on Mephitism, their grindcore keep on getting more brutal and heavier, evolving from old-school grindpunk to a more modern sounding deathgrind. And why not, since the result is really convincing, confirming their move from being among the best in the French grind scene to being a band that count on the international scene. Highly recommended!

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lundi 18 juillet 2022

Xaoc - Proxime Mortis (2022)

Xaoc was a band with Tony Petrocelly (the one who did Pain Tank which I reviewed HERE), it existed in 2006-2008, but a few members (Davis Mullen on vocals, J.Alexander on guitars and Giulio Galati , from Hideous Divinity, on drums) have been recruited to record an album, Proxime Mortis, that has been released in 2022. And we can be grateful for that because it's an awesome album! Rooted in old-school US death metal, it is brutal and technical enough, with a slight modern touch as well, but not too much. But the main strength of the album is the songwriting that works really well, with catchy and memorable songs and dynamism throughout the album. The only thing wrong is that the band doesn't exist any more...  

Recommended stuff.


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dimanche 10 juillet 2022

Lament Cityscape - A Darker Discharge (2022)

This new album from Lament Cityscape, is called A Darker Discharge, but don't expect neo/blackened crust, their music has a lot more to do with Godflesh than Discharge!  On this release, they deliver around twenty minutes of godfleshian industrial metal. At time quite melancholic, at time more aggressive, always finely crafted and good.

The Bandcamp page.


mardi 5 juillet 2022

Candy - Heaven is Here (2022)

On their first album (Good to Feel) Candy was more or less a good metallic hardcore band, with Heaven is Here they positively turned into a monster. A bit like Full of Hell, but in a different way, they added more modern and extreme elements to their already dirty metallic hardcore, with bits of death-doom, industrial / noise, and a large dose of beatdown. The result is cohesive and nightmarishly brutal. Signing them was definitely a good move from Relapse Records, this is the best and hardest hardcore album this year so far.

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samedi 2 juillet 2022

Suffering Mind - Lifeless (2022)


New LP from Suffering Mind called Lifeless (released by grind powerhouse Psychocontrol Records). Side A delivers your daily dose of grindpunk, mercilessly executed, tight and with a modern sound. Side B is noise, movie samples punctuated by bursts of grind, little bits, but gaining additional impact by being hidden in the noise/samples. Another good release from Suffering Mind.

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mardi 28 juin 2022

White Ward - False Light (2022)

False Light is the Third album from Ukrainian band White Ward, they deliver again a unique kind of post/progressive atmospheric black metal with saxophone and some clean vocals, the saxophone being used at times for added "epicness" and at times for quiet moments. Totally not "true", but definitely smart. Recommended (as well as their two previous awesome albums)!

The Bandcamp page.


samedi 25 juin 2022

Puce Mary - You Must Have Been Dreaming (2022)

You Must Have Been Dreaming is more ambient/cinematic than what I usually post, and also less industrial/noise than some other releases from Puce Mary (producer Frederikke Hoffmeier from Denmark). But it is truly excellent : an immersive piece of dark and mysterious ambient, ending on a more noisy note. Subtly and finely crafted.

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vendredi 24 juin 2022

Shataan - Weigh of the Wolf (2016)

is a Californian duo that used to be affiliated with the Black Twilight Circle (its members are also in Arizmenda). Weigh of the Wolf released in 2016 (Iron Bonehead & Crepusculo Negro) is the last album with black metal vocals and maybe also my favourite (even if what they did afterward is interesting and good as well). But even when they were more black metal they already were of a unique kind, with melodies done not only by guitars but also flute, and a dreamy/gaze/psych atmosphere with also acoustic parts, their black /weird folk/psych metal sounds reminds me a bit of Circle of Ouroborus (one of my favourite black metal bands). Highly recommended!

lundi 20 juin 2022

Origin - Chaosmos (2022)


While the previous Origin album had disappointed me, Chaosmos is an excellent surprise, and I'd say it's their best since Entity (and maybe some would say since Decimation Echoes). Seems like they expanded their songwriting in every direction. The fast songs on the first half of the album (and I mean Origin fast, that is very fast) remind their early works, but with at the same time more melodies, more groove, and more grind elements. And the second half of the album is long and slower songs, and it turns out they're also good at that. Their brutal and technical death metal is still impressively over the top, but it seems this time they focused more on the songwriting, and did it successfully. Maybe their most diverse and "catchy" album, while keeping speed and brutality at a very high level. Clearly the tech death album to beat so far this year. Highly recommended!

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lundi 13 juin 2022

Shock Withdrawal - Shock Withdrawal (EP 2022)

Shock Withdrawal
, with a first self-titled EP released by Selfmadegod Records and with the vocalist of Noisear (and ex-Maruta) seemed nice on paper. I had to check it. And I did well! It's not only nice on paper, but also really pleasing to my ears! Like a good death/grind band should, they deliver a good combination of speed and groove on these six tracks. Rooted in old school, but done with a sharp and tight modern execution and production. An album will be welcomed!

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samedi 11 juin 2022

Dälek - Precipice (2022)

Five years after the last album Endangered Philosophies and three after the last EP Respect to the Authors, alt/noise/gaze rap duo Dälek are back with Precipice (and back with Ipecac records). Long time collaborator and guitarist Mike Mare/Manteca replaced Oktopus since Asphalt for Eden, and Precipice is maybe where his shoegazing guitars are the most prominent, bringing a strong melancholic feel to the album. But everything that made up the Dälek sound is present, old school and smart rapping, boom-bap beats, subtle sampling and production, heaviness. Precipice is a worthy addition to their extraordinary discography. Recommended! 

The Bandcamp page.


mardi 7 juin 2022

Artificial Brain - Artificial Brain (2022)

This self-titled and third album (again with Profound Lore Records) from Artificial Brain end the trilogy started with Labyrinth Constellation and will be the last featuring their vocalist Will Smith (yes, the album slaps!). They deliver another excellent album, full of progressive/technical/dissonant death metal, but maintaining a good equilibrium between these modern elements and the feel and raw brutality of old-school death metal. The subtle songwriting and playing is really enhancing the atmosphere of the songs (evoking dark and weird sci-fi menacing themes).

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mercredi 1 juin 2022

Psychic Graveyard / USA Nails - Split (2022)

This is a great split album (11 songs) with two experimented and excellent noise rock / post-punk bands. While Psychic Graveyard are doing a somewhat weird/kraut kind of noise rock/post punk, USA Nails are more traditional and rocking. High quality stuff from both bands. Recommended!

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mercredi 25 mai 2022

BadYearXXXX - Peak 2020 (2020)

Peak 2020 is the first release of BadYearXXXX, and it's an awesome mix of power electronics and noise rock. Only thing that's not great is that it's just four short tracks. I'm waiting for an album guys! Keep going!

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samedi 21 mai 2022

Skullshitter - Goat Claw (2022)

The mighty Skullshitter from Brooklyn are back with a new album, called Goat Claw, and again with Nerve Altar Records. They deliver another gem of Autopsy inspired death/grind (traces of Terrorizer can be found as well). Very raw and brutal, but with also an especially strong songwriting, with enough creativity to bring "freshness" and breathe new "life" into a rotten old style. Best grind album in 2022 so far (and can also totally appeal to anyone into old school death metal). I love it, could listen to it all day long.

The BC page.


mercredi 18 mai 2022

Willie Farmer - The Man From the Hill (2019)

The Man From the Hill is the first album from Willie Farmer. It's a first album, but Farmer not new in the blue scene, he's a more than 60 years old musician (but used to work as a mechanic). Farmer, and no doubt you can feel it in his music, comes from Mississippi, near the Delta. But he plays electric/Chicago blues, with also bits of rock'n'roll. High quality traditional blues.

Album webpage


dimanche 15 mai 2022

Jungle Rot - A Call to Arms (2022)

A Call to Arms is released by Unique Leader Records, but this is definitely an old-school album, the eleventh from Jungle Rot, an American band formed in 1992. They play a death/thrash/hardcore crossover (no, not metalcore nor deathcore, more like Obituary meets Agnostic Front and Kreator). It's all about raw mid-tempo grooves. Done with a lifelong mastery. A solid, enjoyable, and again, old-school album. 


The BC page


jeudi 12 mai 2022

Christoph de Babalon - 044 (Hilf Dir Selbst​!​) (EP 2021)

Third excellent EP in a row for producer from Berlin Christoph de Babalon, one every year. But I've never heard something bad from him, so it's no surprise, we can only expect high quality from the master of smart and dark jungle. And the six tracks of 044 (Hilf Dir Selbst​!​) are another proof. Strongly recommended.

The BC page.


lundi 9 mai 2022

Impulsealer - 42 (2021)

Impulsealer is a Czech duo active since 2018, 42 is their fifth, and longer, release. They play some Nasum inspired grindcore. And they do it well. 

On 12" vinyl and cassette on Psychocontrol records (and Bandcamp, see link below).

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dimanche 8 mai 2022

MIDNIGHT - Let There Be Witchery (2022)

Let There Be Witchery is the fifth album from MIDNIGHT, and as usual they deliver a nice dose of speed metal (think a mix of Venom, Sodom, and Motörhead). Not really different from their previous albums, but they play a very traditional kind of metal anyway, and as long as it's so good and pleasing, that's totally fine.

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mercredi 4 mai 2022

Modern Ruin - Flesh (EP 2022)

Modern Ruin are Nikolaos Raptis (aka Fringe Society based in Berlin) and Gerard Papasimakopoulos (lead vocalist of the now-defunct Rattler Proxy, based in Athens). This EP called Flesh follow their first album. Their music on these four songs could be described as post-punk with a minimalist electro beat à la Suicide, but with also elements of noise, boogie rock, and psychedelia. Sometimes warm sometimes cold, always groovy or trippy. And the two remix bring a more EBM feel. An interesting and enjoyable EP!

The Bandcamp page.


dimanche 1 mai 2022

Dead Neanderthals & Aaron B. Turner - Corporeal Flux (2021)

Corporeal Flux, released in December 2021, is a collaboration between free jazz/noise duo Dead Neanderthals (René aquarius on drums as usual, and Otto Kokke this time doing synths / organ) and post-metal pioneer Aaron Turner (guitar / vocals). The result is a 25 minutes track of drone/doom : heavy, trippy, and noisy at times, and good all the way. Recommended stuff. 

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vendredi 29 avril 2022

Morgue - The Process to Define the Shape of Self-Loathing (2002)

Yes, it's not a typo, 2002, this album been released twenty years ago. And aged very well, The Process to Define the Shape of Self-Loathing was the second album from Morgue (South of France). Their super intense kind of death/grind with a chaotic hardcore feel (sometimes reminiscent of the Brutal Truth craziness) placed this release into the most memorable albums of the French grind scene, up to this day. Even the long jungle / breakcore / power electronics closing track is a success. I really recommend you discover / rediscover this album!

The Bandcamp page.

dimanche 24 avril 2022

Cancer Bats - Psychic Jail Break (2022)

When I reviewed Cancer Bats first accoustic release two years ago (I recommend it again, it's awesome!) I wrote that I've never been interested in their usual releases. Well... I should have paid more attention. I gave a chance to their new album Psychic Jail Break and actually enjoyed it, tried again their older stuff, and enjoyed it. They're not just another metal hardcore band after all. Helped by the versatility of their excellent singer and of their songwrting/riffing that can go from Minor Threat, to Black Sabbath, to Black Flag, they manage to transcend the genre (in a way that reminds me what Vision of Disorder did) and breath fresh air into it. Psychic Jail Break is a cool album exuding positive energy.

Their website.

jeudi 21 avril 2022


On I LIE HERE BURIED WITH MY RINGS AND MY DRESSES (a good album, but I hate this all caps thing!) there are a few screams and a bit of trap, but this is more classic horrorcore with noise elements than trap metal. But any way you describe it, what matters is that it's excellent dark underground hip/hop from Backxwash, modern sounding but rooted in the old school. 

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lundi 18 avril 2022

Evil Invaders - Shattering Reflection (2022)

In 2015 I wrote that Evil Invaders first album Pulses of Pleasures would be hard to surpass. And indeed, like previously Feed Me Violence, Shattering Reflection is not as impressive. But in all fairness, Pulses of Pleasures is probably the best speed metal album of the XXIth century so far and Evil Invaders are still an excellent band, and Shattering Reflection is a great album to listen to. On Shattering Reflection, maybe even more than on Feed Me Violence, the Belgian band kept the speed metal/thrash intensity but overall are less fast and aggressive, evolving more in a traditional heavy metal direction. The good thing is that they also are very good at that, and with Shattering Reflection they produced another old school metal classic.  

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jeudi 14 avril 2022

Wovenhand - Silver Sash (2022)

David Eugene Edwards, mainman of Wovenhand (singer/guitarist/composer) has first been known as the leader of 16 Horsepower and their dark armericana/gothic folk feel also lives in Wovenhand (which has now released more albums than 16H I believe). But Wovenhand is also even more a rock band, and their new album Silver Sash, following the path taken by other recent albums, is rocking harder than ever. One way or another they manage to always keep the intensity at a high level and it's good.

Wovenhand website


vendredi 8 avril 2022

Gets Worse - Teen Wolf (2022)

You can always rely on Gets Worse for some good powerviolence, and their new release Teen Wolfe (9 tracks, one long and most of the others around a minute long) is no exception. You'll get your blistering fast paced powerviolence punctuated at times by slower hardcore or sludge moments. Enjoy!

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mercredi 6 avril 2022

HORSKH - WIRE (2021)

HORSKH is a band from Besançon (east of France), their second album WIRE, released last year is a very fine piece of industrial metal, with a strong and nicely old-school (but well-produced) EBM flavour. I highly recommend this album, but also their live shows, where their music become even more powerful.

The Bandcamp page.

lundi 4 avril 2022

Deathspell Omega - The Long Defeat (2022)

Deathspell Omega is a French black metal band known for its innovative take on the genre and for its mystical flame. On their new album The Long Defeat, the innovative elements (choirs, post-metal instrumental parts, dissonance, etc.) are the ones we found on previous album, it brings some diversity on the album, even if it is mostly present on the first track (too long and too post-metal). So the mystical flame is not what it used to be, but there is still a strong epic feel on the most traditional black metal parts (with ferocious blast beats and everything), and they still do that expertly. Definitely not a major album for Deathspell Omega, but still head and shoulders above the vast majority of black metal albums.

The Bandcamp page.


vendredi 1 avril 2022

Richard Pinhas - Reverse (2017)

Reverse, is an album released in 2017 by French avant-garde guitarist and composer Richard Pinhas (known for his music with the band Heldon, but not only). Playing on the albumis an impressive crew of talented musicians : guitars  by Pinhas and Oren Ambarchi, drums by Arthur Narcy, bass by Florian Tatar, Masami Akita (yes the one doing Merzbow) plays analog synths, Duncan Nilson-Pinhas digital synths, and William Winant percussions. The result is a mix of prog/space/kraut rock, drone, and electronics. Droning guitars, free drumming, synth soundscapes, forming weird and futuristic trippy atmospheres. Awesome album, really recommended!

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vendredi 25 mars 2022

Ho99o9 - Skin (2022)

Skin is another wild ride of an album from trap/punk/nu-metal duo Ho99o9 (who teamed on this album with Travis Barker on drums and production. Are also featured Saul Williams, Corey Taylor and Bun-B). Like their first one (United States of Horror)Skin is a very fun and enjoyable album and confirms that they are among the very best "trap metal" bands.

Their website.

mercredi 23 mars 2022

Cryptworm - Spewing Mephitic Putridity (2022)

I discovered Crypworm, from Bristol (UK), with the four track "Reeking Gunk of Abhorrence" they released last year, which I really enjoyed, and now they are back with their first album, called Spewing Mephitic Putridity and what an album! They play some old-school death metal of an especially disgusting kind, and with some Mortician style grooves. As delicious as it is filthy! They're really one of my favourite new death metal bands, and I've no doubt their album will be among the best released this year. If you're into death metal, don't sleep on it!

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mardi 22 mars 2022

JK Flesh vs Gnod (EP 2021)

JK Flesh is the name Justin Broadrick use for his techno releases, Gnod is a English psych/noise rock band. Last year they joined fores for a four track EP (called JK Flesh vs Gnod) where they both cover two tracks from the other. So we get two JK Flesh tracks being given a psych/kraut treatment and two Gnod traks being given an industrial treatment, resulting in something as good as what they do on their own, but different, making an interesting and enjoyable release.

lundi 14 mars 2022

Expression of Pain - st (2021)

First and self-titled album from LA's Expression of Pain. A fine piece of old-school death/grind that could remind Terrorizer or Extreme Noise Terror. Not much more to say, but if you're into grind that should be enough... Recommended!

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samedi 12 mars 2022

Bambara - Love on My Mind (EP 2022)

This new EP Love on My Mind from Bambara maintain the very high quality of their previous albums while adding new elements. They kept on sounding close to both Iceage and early Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds (which is fine of course) but the opening tracks with its synth parts and its atmosphere reminds a lot The Cure, and on the whole EP they added more female backing vocals. If you like Bambara the only thing you'll regret with this new release is that it's only six songs...

The Bandcamp page.


dimanche 6 mars 2022

Voivod - Synchro Anarchy (2022)

I don't know Voivod enough to say precisely how their new albums Synchro Anarchy differs from their previous works, but I can tell you it is another fine piece of their weird and futuristic progressive thrash metal, full of memorable songs. It's a pleasure to listen to such a unique band keeping on crafting strong and interesting music.


Their website.

mercredi 2 mars 2022

Author & Punisher - Krüller (2022)

On this new album called Krüller, one man industrial metal band Author & Punisher (Tristan Shone writing the songs, crafting the machines, playing it and singing), is focusing on his more atmospheric side, with an album that sounds more like a soundtrack (would do totally fine for a dystopian road movie!) than a collection of songs, except two tracks that are a bit different from the rest of the album : the Portishead cover "Glory Box" (not bad, but maybe a separate release would have been better for this one) and "Blacksmith" with its breakcore elements from co-producer of the album Jason Begin (Vytear). I'd say "Melk En Honing" remain my favourite A & P album, but Krüller is a nice and interesting addition to its tremendous discography.

The BC page.


dimanche 27 février 2022

Horseshoes & Hand Grenades - The Ode (2018)

I'm far from being a bluegrass specialist and don't listen to it very often, but one thing I know is that I really enjoy this album called The Ode by Horseshoes & Hand Grenades and often go back to it when I listen to bluegrass. They excel at writing great songs and breathing emotions playing it, be it happy and inspiring or more melancholic. I suppose their more recent album "Miles in blue" is good as well.

The Bandcamp page.



jeudi 24 février 2022

Immolation - Acts of God (2022)

Immolation is one of the death metal bands with the strongest identity, you recognize them nearly instantly when you hear one of their song playing. They are also one of the most reliable dealers of quality death metal, releasing a weak album is not their thing, and their new album Acts of God is up to their usual great standards. Like Atonement five years before, it delivers typical Immolation, the crushing mid-tempo parts, the imposing vocals of Ross Dolan, the excellent leads of Robert Vigna. Acts of God is their longest album so far, and maybe one song or two could have been put aside, but there are enough especially good ones to keep you hooked throughout the end. Another excellent album from Immolation.

The Bandcamp page.

mardi 22 février 2022

Folkstorm - Dödsabnorm (2021)

Folkstorm is the old-school industrial (recorded with only 70' circuitry and a lot of mettalic percussion) project of Henrik "Nordvargr" Björkk. And Dödsabnorm the album he released last year. A fine piece of expertly crafted industrial with strong death industrial and dark ambient elements. Albums like these shows why the guy's among the "big names" in industrial music. Recommended!


The BC page.


jeudi 17 février 2022

Vile Species - Demo (2022)

This is a four track demo, but Athenians grinders Vile Species have previously released an album (that I reviewed HERE). Those new tracks are maybe heavier and a bit more modern sounding than the album. But still finely done and enjoyable. Good stuff again.

The BC page.



mardi 15 février 2022

Wreche - All My Dreams Came True (2021)

Wreche is a duo playing a music that is post... definitely post, but not so easy to say post what. Post black metal? Yes. Post hardcore? Also. But it's much more than that. Their second album All My Dreams Came True released last year is really unique and good. The vocals are a mix of SDBM and screamo and the drummer is doing blast beats, that's for the "normal" part, because the rest is no guitars, only classical piano and synths parts that are somewhere between futuristic and symphonic black metal. The main melodic element is the classical piano, while the synths are adding different atmospheres. It's refreshing and welcome to hear musicians exploring a different kind of intensity.   

lundi 14 février 2022

Eye Flys - Exigent Circumstances (EP 2021)

Like Eyehategod? Like Unsane? Then you'll like Eye Flys, a band with members from Full of Hell, Backslider and Triac, but a lot closer to the two aforementioned bands. The EP Exigent Circumstances is their latest release and those four tracks are as good as their first album. What they do is nothing really  new, but they do it really well.

The BC page.

mercredi 9 février 2022

City Morgue - Vol. 3 : Bottom of the Barrel (2021)

Maybe City Morgue are not really trap metal, but they definitely have plenty of heavy guitars in their songs (from grunge to neo-metal). With Vol. 3 : Bottom of the Barrel the duo (SosMula & ZillaKami) is back with an album that is maybe not as good as ZillaKami "Dog Boy" or as their "Vol.2", but better than the disappointing "Toxic Boogaloo". They keep on establishing as one of the best and more entertaining trap band.

City Morgue official website.


mardi 8 février 2022

Sachtu / Syntax - split EP (2022)

Nerve Altar, teamed this time with 7 degrees and Grindfathers Records, are always good to find new exciting grind bands, and this time we get two of them in a split EP. Sachtu from Madrid deliver some good ol' grindpunk while Syntax from LA are more in a tech/math grind vein, reminding bands like Discordance Axis or Antigama. We get two really different kinds of grind by two bands excellent at what they do. Nice!

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