vendredi 31 août 2018

The Icarus Line - All Things Under Heaven (2015)

I really should have reviewed All Things Under Heaven back in 2015 because it's awesome. This latest The Icarus Line album carries on the wake of The Stooges (the rocking parts but also the most trippy noisy parts with saxophones), and reminds also a bit Destruction Unit and even Brainbombs. A beautifull psychedelic and noisy garage rock masterpiece. Possibly their best one after Penance Soirée.

Their website.

mercredi 29 août 2018

Napalm Ted - Mouthfull (2018)

Napalm Ted is a Finnish grind trio and Mouthfull is their new cassette (9 songs for a bit more than 20 minutes). This is grindcore with some death/gore elements. Everything is well executed and they're quite good at writing dynamic and catchy songs. cool stuff!

The BC page

lundi 27 août 2018

Uniform - The Long Walk (2018)

Last year the first Uniform album made it to my favourite albums of the year list. The Long Walk, their second one, is just following the same way. It just take you to the guts and doesn't let you go, I listen to it every day and each time I like it more. How does it sounds? perfect indus/noise metal, with an immersive sound, but also catchy riffing and impressive vocals. Everything is excellent. What's new since the first album? Unlike the first album all the drumming is not programmed, just some parts, Greg fox (drummer for Liturgy, Ex Eye, etc.) has been added to the band and so there's a more live feel and dynamism to the songs. I had no problem about their digital only drumming, but I think it's now indeed even better. I very highly recommend this album. Awesome stuff!

The BC page.

mercredi 22 août 2018

Parasight - At Leve Som Hvis Der Var Et Håb (2018)

Second album from the danish punks Parasight, called At Leve Som Hvis Der Var Et Håb, this is pure neocrust with all it's clichés but this time again (you can read HERE my review of their first album) it is excellent, their two albums posing them as one of the very best recent bands in that style.

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lundi 20 août 2018

Dopethrone - Transcanadian Anger (2018)

Transcanadian Anger is the fifth album in ten years for Dopethrone from Montréal (as you guessed / know they like early Electric Wizard yes. oh and Darkthrone too, but it's less evident in the music). They take you on another journey in dirty and thick stoner/doom territory, filled with heavy groovy riffs. The sludge/black metal vocals fits well the miserabilist atmosphere of their music.
Compared to their previous albums nothing new but they maintain their high quality level.

The Bandcamp page.

samedi 18 août 2018

Infuriate - Infuriate (2018)

Infuriate is the first and self-titled album of the eponymous band from Texas. This is a solid brutal death metal album that is rooted is the US death metal tradition but is also up to today's level of technical play. Nothing super special but  an enjoyable death metal album that can appeal to many. I'll be checking their future albums as well.

The Bandcamp page.