dimanche 28 novembre 2021

Obscura - A Valediction (2021)

After two more progressive albums, technical death metalers Obscura are back with A Valediction, an album more focused on speed and melody, more in a melodic thrash/death vein. And since they managed to keep things interesting and intense (more intense actually, even if songs are a bit more predictible) it's ok for me. Not their most groundbreaking work for sure, but an enjoyable one anyway.

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mardi 23 novembre 2021

Yura Yura - Substance Noire (2020)

Substance Noire is the third album from French producer from Dijon Yura Yura, all have been released by the good industrial/tech label Hands, and indeed he's been doing well from the start, but Substance Noire is its best so far. Substance Noire takes you in a dark journey into powerful industrial techno and rhythmic noise territories, with also dark ambient elements, and if you're into this kind of stuff there's absolutely no reason you wouldn't enjoy it as I do. And if it's not your usual kind of listen it would do an excellent introduction to the more industrial and dark side of techno (or the more techno/rhythmic side of industrial/noise?). Recommended.

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vendredi 19 novembre 2021

Asphyx - Necroceros (2021)

Asphyx was formed in 1987, and in 2021 they'ere still here, releasing their tenth album Necroceros. Respect. They keep on delivering quality old school death metal, with elements of thrash and also some heavier doomy parts. Ok, it won't stay as most memorable album of the year, but pleasing anyway.

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mercredi 17 novembre 2021

Death Toll 80K - The Future is yours (2021)

Finnish band Death Toll 80K has earned a lot of respect in the grind circles thanks to their two excellent albums (released in 2011 and 2017). They are now back with this EP called The Future is Yours, released by To Live a Lie Records. This time again they deliver some high quality grindpunk, in the old school spirit, but sometimes even faster and with a sharper and more modern sound.

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dimanche 14 novembre 2021

Dr. Octagon - Moosebumps: An Exploration Into Modern Day Horripilation (2018)

Moosebumps: An Exploration Into Modern Day Horripilation released in 2018 is the real return of rapper Kool Keith as Dr. Octagon. The album called in 2006 "The Return of Dr. Octagon" was a good album but, not produced by Dan The Automator, less dark and more funky, it did not sound like a genuine Dr. Octagon album.  This time we can again listen to the unique mix of old school, abstract and horrorcore (but always keeping a twisted fun) hip hop. And Kool Keith as an MC is as talented and usual. It's arguably as good as the first album "Dr. Octagonecologyst" was. Cool stuff.

mercredi 10 novembre 2021

Antediluvian - The Divine Punishment (2021)

On their new album The Divine PunishmentAntediluvian went one step further into free form/avant-garde territory, with even some psychedelic elements at times, while keeping their cavernous sound and death metal elements, blast beats, growls, etc. Not every moment is successful, but you don't try and experiment without taking some risks, and overall this is an interesting and good album. Recommended stuff.

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lundi 8 novembre 2021

Bill Laswell - Against Empire (2020)

Bassist and producer Bill Laswell is always releasing a lot of music, so it's hard to keep up, but I'd say its best album in recent years is this one, Against Empire (released last year). What is sure is that it's excellent. The music is in a fusion jazz vein, but Bill Laswell style, with of course his trademark bass playing style and sound, and around him is an impressive crew of musicians, with no less than Herbie Hancock on the electric piano and Pharoah Sanders on sax (bringing a spiritual jazz feel), with also Peter Apfelbaum on sax, flute and keys and sharing the drumming duties : Jerry Marotta, Chad Smith, Hideo Yamaki, Satoyasu Shomura, and on percussions Adam Rudolph. Four long tracks with no dull moment. Recommended !

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vendredi 5 novembre 2021

Archspire - Bleed the Future (2021)

Archspire previous album Relentless Mutation has been for a few years the technical death metal album to beat. And still is, because Bleed the Future is not as good, which is not surprising since RM was so awesome. These guys are maybe humans after all... There are still gravity blasts aplenty, an impressively fast vocal delivery, the neoclasical leads, the brutality, the over the top everything... but, with maybe the opening track excepted, the songwriting is less inspired and the songs less memorable than those in RM. That being said, Bleed the Future remains anyway an impressive and enjoyable technical death metal album.

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mercredi 3 novembre 2021

Droit Divin - Les Nouveaux Moralistes (2021)

This tape called Les Nouveaux Moralistes is from the French duo Droit Divin, from Bordeaux. They craft some excellent power electronics that is sometimes bordering on ritualistic dark ambient (it's not the most noisy kind of power electronics, it's more about building an atmosphere than about the sheer impact of harsh noise). The vocals are in French, and good. So far my favourite power electronics album of the year. I also recommend their previous album Prohibition.

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