mercredi 28 juillet 2021

Work Money Death - The Space In Which The Uncontrollable Unknown Resides, Can Be The Place From Which Creation Arises (2021)

The Space In Which The Uncontrollable Unknown Resides, Can Be The Place From Which Creation Arises is the exquisite first album from Work Money Death, a band led by British saxophone player Tony Burkill. They draw their inspiration from spiritual jazz artists such as Alice Coltrane and Pharoah Sanders (and the end of the album, with the repetitive singing, reminds a lot A Love Supreme from John Coltrane). A long composition in two parts for a nice spiritual jazz journey.

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dimanche 25 juillet 2021

Boris - NO (2020)

No, released last year is the most "metal" album released by Boris since a long time, with moments of crushing doom heaviness as well as fast punk parts. But of course it is Boris so it's also very different from a usual metal/punk album. Not their most experimental album at all, but a very enjoyable one. 

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vendredi 23 juillet 2021

Merzbow / Prurient - Black Crows Cyborg (2021)

Black Crows Cyborg is a collaborative album between two famous noise artists, Merzbow and Prurient. And, even if I'd say we could have expected a more memorable result, this is anyway a  strong album. I especially enjoy the first track, more quiet and ambient than is usual from both artists, with its noise over subtle synth soundscape (my guess is Merzbow is doing the noise and Prurient the synth part). The second track isin  a more traditional harsh noise vein, with also a touch of power electronics. If you're not familiar with noise music this album would be a good introduction to it, if you are, then I guess you already are listening to Black Crows Cyborg by now...

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mardi 20 juillet 2021

Nyctophagia - Terrified of Tomorrow (2021)

Terrified of Tomorrow is the first album from US band Nyctophagia (they also have a few splits and EPs). They do deathgrind/goregrind and they do it well. Speed, brutality, groove. The specific goregrind elements are not "too much", balanced with a good dose of old school grind/death. Recommended if you're into that kind of stuff.

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lundi 12 juillet 2021

Amon Acid - Paradigm Shift (2020)

Unlike many psychedelic doom band Amon Acid (yes the name is more than a hint!) is not just slightly psychedelic, in fact on Paradigm Shift (released last year, their fourth album, I really have to check their back catalogue!) they are most of the time closer to Hawkwind than to Black Sab' or Electric Wizard, vintage synths included as well as the proto-heavy metal epic moments. They also bring a nice touch of krautrock at times. That's cool, and since the songs are nice and memorable, all this makes a really enjoyable album. 

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mercredi 7 juillet 2021

Inhumate - Eternal Life (2021)

Eternal Life is the seventh album from French death/grinders Inhumate and is supposed to be their last, unfortunately, but at least they end their more than thirty years of activity as strong as they ever have been, with a good and enjoyable old school death/grind album. Respect.

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mardi 6 juillet 2021

Ho99o9 - United States of Horror (2017)

After a good mixtape in 2015 Dead Bodies in the Lake, in which Ho99o9 were already adding rock/metal elements (drumming, guitars) to their trap, they released their still only album United States of Horror in 2017, an industrial punk trap mutant that is in my opinion one of the few good "trap metal" album. Ugly and wild, and I like it!

samedi 3 juillet 2021

Night Beats - Outlaw R & B (2021)

I discovered Night Beats with  their third album in 2016, Who Sold My Generation, that I really enjoyed and played a lot, with its good mix of 60' rock and more modern garage like The Black Keys, but then I've been disappointed by Myth of a Man in 2019 (it had a few good songs, but wasn't completely convincing overall). Their new album, Outlaw R & B, is a return to form, their garage rock still reminding the 60', Dylan as well as the Black Keys again, but also The Brian Johnstown Massacre, and The Cramps (the guitar sound but not only). Recommended stuff.

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