jeudi 30 septembre 2021

Botanist / Thief - EP0 Cicatrix / Diamond Brush (split 2021)


EP0 Cicatrix / Diamond Brush is a strange split with two strange musical entities, what they have in common is that both are mostly one-man projects, and also that the one doing Thief have been a live musician for Botanist. But both are really different. Botanist is floral themed black metal with only drums, vocals, and hammered dulcimer, unique and excellent, while Thief is more electronic music oriented with elements of synthwave, bits of trap metal and hip-hop, and choirs and spoken words that could remind Zeal and Ardor. For the first time with live drums and guitars in this split. A mix a bit disturbing at first but don't run, the result is actually very good.


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lundi 27 septembre 2021

Torn Relics - Burning Injustice (2021)

Torn Relics have a new album out, this time released by the excellent label Instruments of Discipline, a good match. The album's called Burning Injustice. First half of the album is in line with their previous work (I reviewed HERE their previous album), mostly some classy dark ambient with violin and percussions and a few subtle techno beats. Then they bring some new elements, the most spectacular being the synthwave with vocals track "Disguise", an excellent song and a good surprise, then for the second half of the album  their sound is getting harder going in an industrial techno direction, good as well, done with their usual sophistication and good taste. So it's a successful second album (and third release), keeping strong their basics while adding new elements to make their music even more interesting. Recommended stuff.

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mercredi 22 septembre 2021

Repugnant - Demo (2014)

I discovered this band called Repugnant from the Philippines with this 2014 demo, but they have also three more recent releases which are good as well (one in 2015 and two in 2017). They play some old school grindpunk, suitably raw and wild. Repugnant is a delight!

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dimanche 19 septembre 2021

Iceage - Seek Shelter (2021)

Seek Shelter
, the new album from Iceage is a bit disturbing at first (and that's why it took me so long to make up my mind and review it) because they added some indie rock/pop to their post-punk. But since their songwriting skill is still there, and the vocals are as good as usual, it works. Maybe won't stand as my favourite Iceage album, but still an excellent album that I enjoy.   

jeudi 16 septembre 2021

Blush Response - Reconstitution (2021)

Reconstitution is the new album from Berlin based Cuban/American producer Blush Response (Joey Blush). Another feast of industrial techno with a noise element, sometimes more ambient, sometimes more hard hitting and beats driven, always dark and heavy. Recommended.

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lundi 13 septembre 2021

Impaled Nazarene - Eight Headed Serpent (2021)

Eight Headed Serpent is the twelfth album (once again with Osmose Productions) from the legendary Impaled Nazerene and I'm a bit surprised it's the first one I review here since I love their music since I discovered them in the late nineties. But they haven't been very active in the last ten years, and I started Blasting Days in 2012 (and had been disappointed by Vigorous and Liberating Death in 2014)... My favourite IN albums are the ones in which they balance their war/black metal punk aggression (they say "nuclear metal") with a more rocking and epic feel with some heavy metal melodies, like from "Nihil" to "All that you Fear". Eight Headed Serpent is, on the contrary, one of their more straightforward album, sounding like a return to the black metal/punk brutality of their early days. OK, why not, it's indeed very Impaled Nazarene, and they're good as well like this.

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vendredi 10 septembre 2021

Liberosis - Conjuntivitis En El Tercer Ojo (2021)

Conjuntivitis En El Tercer Ojo is the second release (first one is good but with a more "demoish" production) from Liberosis, a band from Costa Rica. They play some old school grindcore (and sing in Spanish), and know how to do it well. Good stuff.

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mardi 7 septembre 2021

The Bug - Fire (2021)

After a more quiet / ambient and I'd say less memorable In blue, bass music legend Kevin Martin is back with a really strong The Bug album, aptly called Fire. The heavy and dark industrial dub sounds are perfect soundtracks for an awesome team of vocalists from the jungle/ragga/dubstep/hip-hop scenes, from the poetic spoken words of Roger Robinson to the fast rapping of grime finest Flowdan, with also Moor Mother and other good vocalists. Recommended stuff.

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samedi 4 septembre 2021

Roadwolf - Unchain the Wolf (2020)


If you're into traditionnal / NWBHM heavy metal, the first Roadwolf album Unchain the Wolf  (released last year) is a great pick. An album filled with great songs reminding the early works of  Iron Maiden and Judas Priest. Really cool stuff. 

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mercredi 1 septembre 2021

GA-20 - Try It…You Might Like It! GA-20 Does Hound Dog Taylor (2021)

In this second album, Try It…You Might Like It! , the Bostonian trio (two guitars and drums) GA-20 cover one of their main influences, the Chicago blues legend Hound Dog Taylor. I preferred their awesome first album (reviewed HERE), but this one's also very enjoyable, the songs are very good, the band is very good, so if you're into vintage electric/Chicago blues and/or into modern garage blues there's no reason you wouldn't like it...

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