mardi 25 avril 2023

Laibach - Sketches of the Red Districts (2023)

I know Laibach is a very old band, but I must admit that I discovered their music with this new album, Sketches of the Red Districts. And it definitely makes me want to check the rest of their discography. Going from dark ambient to industrial rock, mostly instrumental, but also with spoken words parts, this is top quality, smart and subtle industrial music. Recommended !

The Bandcamp page.


vendredi 21 avril 2023

Rotten Sound - Apocalypse (2023)

It's good to have Rotten Sound back! And even better to have them back with a more strictly grindcore album! "Abuse to Suffer" was a good album, but to me it went too much in a slower death/grind with an Entombed feel direction. Apocalypse is faster, more stripped out and straight to the point, this time going more relentless crustgrind than death/grind, but still with the heaviness Rotten Sound are known for. Highly recommended!

The BC page.



mardi 18 avril 2023

Rise of The Northstar - Showdown (2023)

Following the excellent Legacy of Shi wasn't an easy task, but I'd say Rise of The Northstar managed to do it with Showdown. Their manga inspired mix of Biohazard flavoured metallic hardcore and nu metal (Korn and Slipknot comes to mind) produced again a very enjoyable album filled with finely crafted and catchy songs. Highly recommended!

 Their website 


vendredi 14 avril 2023

The Body & OAA - Enemy of Love (2022)

At first I've been disappointed by this album, we can distinguish the somewhat glitch/jungle electronic of OAA in the music, but overall Enemy of Love sounds very close to the bleak industrial doom The Body are doing on their own. But after a few listen the tracks get into my head, and even if it's less different than some of their other collaborations, I have to admit that it produced a good album, and I enjoy it as such. Not their most interesting release but a good one nevertheless.

The BC page.


lundi 10 avril 2023

Siberian Meat Grinder - Join the Bear Cult (2022)

Like any crossover hardcore/thrash band, Siberian Meat Grinder is mostly a live band (saw they on their tour with Napalm Death and Dropdead and they were excellent). But the albums, like Join the Bear Cult released last year, are good enough to be also enjoyable, they know to write plenty of catchy and highly dynamic songs and their vocalist have a very effective flow.

mercredi 5 avril 2023

Screamer - Kingmaker (2023)

Fifth album from Screamer, maybe I prefer the previous one, the awesome Highway of Heroes, I feel Kingmaker is a bit more cheesy, but it feels better after a few listens, and it's still very finely crafted heavy/speed, and I also enjoy it. 

The BC page.


lundi 3 avril 2023

Creatures of Habit - Parasites Paradise (2021)

Creatures of Habit is a hip-hop trio from the UK, but don't expect grime on their second album Parasites Paradise, Illinformed production is finely crafted old-school boom bap, with a slight Cypress Hill / horrorcore feel. The two emcees Eric the Red and Sean Peng are also very talented, one in a higher and fastest delivery, the other more laid-back. Good stuff!

The BC page.