dimanche 13 janvier 2013

Cloud Rat - Moksha (2013)

Their excellent previous records earned them a lot of well deserved attention, and we were many to wait for this new LP by Cloud rat (from Michigan), called Moksha and that will be released in February. And the record justify and confirms their status of rising star of the aggressive hardcore scene. It's once again excellent and it's a new step into the affirmation of their own style. Their raging neocrust has a lot of dynamism and diversity. The use of elements from grind or black metal  adds some more aggression and the melodies creates some epic moments and adds contrasts to the songs. Killer songwriting and a merciless playing (with great vocals) combines to multiply the damages done (is it why they choose to cover "the needle and the damage done" from Neil Young's harvest?).

If you are into this kind of stuff you absolutely have to check this record.

Here's their blog (with the lyrics and free download of their previous releases).

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