vendredi 31 mai 2013

A God or an Other - Towers of silence (2013)

I discovered A god or an Other, from Seattle, after they released an interesting demo back in 2011 (HERE you'll find my review of their demo plus an interview with their guitarist). 
they now continue to do good with the release their first album called Towers  of silence. their music is some hybrid metal, melting elements from black metal for the vocals and the dark vibes, post rock / doom for the amosphere building and a bit of dark psychedelia. the songs that were in the demo are included int he album but in a different version, with a better sound of course, and also different arrangements, for exemple the new trumpet parts in synesthesia works really well.
 if you're into atmospheric black metal or atmospheric dark metal in general it's a recommended listen.

check it on their BC page.


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