samedi 18 mars 2017

Psychic TV - Alienist (2016)

With this album called Alienist P-Orridge and Psychic TV bring us something that is not crazy experimentation but more a return to rock'n'roll roots, especially with the two covers "Jump into the fire" and "How does it feel" that are nicely groovy. The two originals are more in a psychedelic rock vein that reminds Psychic TV latest album "Snakes". But the covers and originals flows well together making an enjoyable album, with more diversity than "Snakes" and more cohesion than "Hell in invisible / Heaven is Here/E". The album is quite "easy listening" but Psychic TV still manage to do psychedelic rock without falling into the usual formula (yes psychedelic rock, a style that was at the start supposed to be dedicated to experimentating, turned, like punk, into something very standardised and predictable. sad but true). Alienist is a really good album, my favourite among recent Psychic TV albums.

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