mercredi 26 septembre 2018

Peter Brötzmann & Heather Leigh - Crowmoon (2018)

For some time I was thinking about reviewing a Peter Brötzmann album (if you don't know him he's one of the most important European free jazz musician, a saxophonist), I had to do it, he's among my favourite musicians, but wasn't decided about which one to review (he's releasing many albums, in studio and live). This one convinced me. It's called Crowmoon and released this year, it's a collaboration (he's doing collaborations most of the time) with a pedal steel guitar player called Heather Leigh. it's a one hour long track but a diverse and immersive enough experience to keep your attention. The pedal steel guitar, quite unusual in a free jazz context, is doing mostly drone/atmosphere building while Brötzmann is providing his famous powerfull sax blowing but also shows how good he's also at playing it more quiet, how a complete musician he is. I really enjoy this one. If you wanna try one of his recents releases, I recommend it.


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