vendredi 25 janvier 2019

Anguish - Anguish (2018)

Wow! Anguish is an awesome collaboration for an awesome result. You have the Will brooks, aka MC Dälek, Mike Mare, guitarits/keyboardist in Dälek, Mats Gustafsson on sax (who recently collaborated with Chaos Echoes, read my review HERE)with his drummer form the Fire! orchestra Andreas Werliin, and Hans Joachim Irmler on synth from the legendary krautrock band Faust (who already collaborated with Dälek). This is a very promising association and the album does not disappoint. It does sound like what you could expect from a Dälek/Gustafsson/Faust collaboration and that's a good thing, no real surprise, but a great result with the heaviness and groove from Dälek the weird trippiness from Faust and the free/noise both raw and trippy from Gustaffson. If you like at least one of the artist featured you probably will like this album. And if you know none of them that will be a good discovery. This album will enters easily in my list of favourite album's for 2018 that I will soon post on this Blasting Days. Mandatory listen.

The Bandcamp page.

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  1. Greetings - great blog!!

    -Would you happen to have any releases by the grindcore/powerviolence band Nails? I own "You Will Never Be One of Us" but looking for anything else by them!


  2. "You Will Never Be One of Us" is their latest album, you can find their older stuff on their Bandcamp :
    there's also two splits including one with Full of Hell.
    Maybe you can look for it at Dead Air at the Pulpit or on Cut & Paste.