jeudi 19 novembre 2020

Dead Neanderthals - Twin Sister (2020)

Dead Neanderthals is built around René Aquarius on drums and Otto Kokke usually playing saxophone with a noise/free jazz result, but album after album they change who is playing what (changing instruments and musical style). On this album, Twin Sister, it is René Aquarius on the drums, the only permanent element, and like on the last three releases Otto Kokke plays synths/keys and they are joined on bass by Jason stoll. The music is a kind of drone / doom, the keys being used for droning / textures and not for melodies. Not as slow, dark and heavy as their more recent drone/death album Blood Rite (with vocals for the first time), but in my opinion more interesting and better, thanks to a more dynamic songwriting I'd say. Twin Sister is both an interesting try and a good album. 

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