mardi 2 mars 2021

Best of 2020 : the eclectic list

 So basically what you'll find in this list is my favourite releases from 2020 that didn't fit in the other lists I made (Grindcore, industrial, metal, heavy metal, hip-hop), so you'll have post-punk, rock, noise rock, psych rock, free jazz, drone, blues. In alphabetical order. Click to go to the review.


Bambara- Stray


Brant Bjork - Brant Bjork

Dead Neanderthals - Twin Sister 


GA - 20 - Live vol. 1 (EP)

Hexvessel - Kindred


Human Impact - Human Impact


Lonnie Holley - National Freedom 


Ozo - Saturn 


Scott. H. Biram - Fever Dreams


Sly & The Family Drone - Walk it Dry 


Yuri Gagarine - The Outskirts of Reality




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