mardi 4 mai 2021

Ulcerate - Stare Into Death And Be Still (2020)

I should have reviewed an Ulcerate album a long time ago, I'm correcting this with their last one (from last year) Stare Into Death And Be Still. I knew their previous stuff, but couldn't really get into it, maybe because of the atmospheric nature of their music, quite unusual in death metal. I don't know, but anyway I was wrong! I should have paid more attention, but now I will do! They are great at creating an ominous feel of grandeur and sounds like a mix of Immolation and Neurosis, but more technical (awesome drumming especially, maybe not so technical in execution but very smart in the songwriting, always perfectly fitting the music). You probably already know it's good but if not you really should give it a try (and not just superficially like I used to!)

The Bandcamp page.


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