vendredi 23 juillet 2021

Merzbow / Prurient - Black Crows Cyborg (2021)

Black Crows Cyborg is a collaborative album between two famous noise artists, Merzbow and Prurient. And, even if I'd say we could have expected a more memorable result, this is anyway a  strong album. I especially enjoy the first track, more quiet and ambient than is usual from both artists, with its noise over subtle synth soundscape (my guess is Merzbow is doing the noise and Prurient the synth part). The second track isin  a more traditional harsh noise vein, with also a touch of power electronics. If you're not familiar with noise music this album would be a good introduction to it, if you are, then I guess you already are listening to Black Crows Cyborg by now...

The BC page.


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