dimanche 17 octobre 2021

ZillaKami - Dog Boy (2021)

Intended to review a City Morgue album for a while, but the last album of the trap duo Toxic Boogaloo was a bit disappointing (was ok but not as good as As Good As  Dead) and it seems a new City Morgue album is gonna drop soon (called Bottom of the Barrel). So for now I'm reviewing the solo album of one og the City Morgue member, ZillaKami, the most versatile vocalist of the two and he also seems to be the most creative element of the duo, rapping, singing and producing. His first album Dogboy is an excellent exercise in trap metal, with tracks going from aggressive to depressive, the first ones with riffs the could reminds Slipknot (the quick intro featuring Corey Taylor is not here by chance) and the others with riffs more in a Deftone and grunge vein and with more melodic vocals. This rap/metal mix have sometimes produced atrocious results but KillaKami is really good to make it work and Dogboy will probably stay as one of the best trap/hip-hop album of the year. Recommended stuff.

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