lundi 20 juin 2022

Origin - Chaosmos (2022)


While the previous Origin album had disappointed me, Chaosmos is an excellent surprise, and I'd say it's their best since Entity (and maybe some would say since Decimation Echoes). Seems like they expanded their songwriting in every direction. The fast songs on the first half of the album (and I mean Origin fast, that is very fast) remind their early works, but with at the same time more melodies, more groove, and more grind elements. And the second half of the album is long and slower songs, and it turns out they're also good at that. Their brutal and technical death metal is still impressively over the top, but it seems this time they focused more on the songwriting, and did it successfully. Maybe their most diverse and "catchy" album, while keeping speed and brutality at a very high level. Clearly the tech death album to beat so far this year. Highly recommended!

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