lundi 27 septembre 2021

Torn Relics - Burning Injustice (2021)

Torn Relics have a new album out, this time released by the excellent label Instruments of Discipline, a good match. The album's called Burning Injustice. First half of the album is in line with their previous work (I reviewed HERE their previous album), mostly some classy dark ambient with violin and percussions and a few subtle techno beats. Then they bring some new elements, the most spectacular being the synthwave with vocals track "Disguise", an excellent song and a good surprise, then for the second half of the album  their sound is getting harder going in an industrial techno direction, good as well, done with their usual sophistication and good taste. So it's a successful second album (and third release), keeping strong their basics while adding new elements to make their music even more interesting. Recommended stuff.

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