lundi 13 septembre 2021

Impaled Nazarene - Eight Headed Serpent (2021)

Eight Headed Serpent is the twelfth album (once again with Osmose Productions) from the legendary Impaled Nazerene and I'm a bit surprised it's the first one I review here since I love their music since I discovered them in the late nineties. But they haven't been very active in the last ten years, and I started Blasting Days in 2012 (and had been disappointed by Vigorous and Liberating Death in 2014)... My favourite IN albums are the ones in which they balance their war/black metal punk aggression (they say "nuclear metal") with a more rocking and epic feel with some heavy metal melodies, like from "Nihil" to "All that you Fear". Eight Headed Serpent is, on the contrary, one of their more straightforward album, sounding like a return to the black metal/punk brutality of their early days. OK, why not, it's indeed very Impaled Nazarene, and they're good as well like this.

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