jeudi 10 juillet 2014

Origin - Omnipresent (2014)

Since more than 15 years ago Origin means the most intense, dense and technical death metal. Omnipresent, released by Agonia records is their sixth album and carry on the evolution they undertake from Anthitesis, letting more "breathing space" for the listener, with less focus on technical playing and brutality and more on melody and songwriting (although they remains damn brutal and technical!). but on Omnipresent they put aside the more "progressive" elements of Entity in favour of a more direct approach, with shorter and less complex songs. it's probably their album with the more diversity, with fast ragers, melodic and very technical instrumental interludes with amazing guitar work, and even a nearly punk song! even if it probably won't stay as their most memorable album (but honestly their first ones created such huge shochwaves that the task is very hard for them now to top it..), they did a good in offering something sounding fresh and new while keeping their trademark style. looks like they just can't do wrong!

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