jeudi 20 décembre 2018

Husmanskost - Solstice (EP 2018)

If you read my list of favourite grindcore released this year (HERE is the list) you found there the latest album from Husmanskost called "Ambi-valence". They end a really good year with this EP called Solstice. The four songs of this EP sound like a death metal turn (we're talking about good old school death metal here), the grind roots are kept but the band on these tracks sounds more death-grind than grind-punk, in this they push further a trend that was already heard in their latest album. And why not? Since the quality is still definitely there I don't mind. If this is just a try for this EP it's ok, if this is their new direction, it's ok as well.
Another enjoyable release from Husmanskost.

The promovid on Youtube

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