mercredi 19 décembre 2018

Favourite grindcore in 2018

Here's for you my list of favourite grind released in 2018, whoohoo, and in time for Festivus/Saturnalia! hooray!

16 releases from some bands that already had been on one of my best grind list (like Sissy Spacek, Six Brew Bantha, Warfuck, Husmaskost, Beaten to Death), and from new bands or newcomers in my grind lists as well

I give it in alphabetical order.
Clik on the link to read my review (and there find the BC page link most of the time).

Feel free to comment, suggestions will be welcome.

Abjured – Absolutist

Beaten to Death - Agronomicon

Bifid Corpse – Enter the Corpse


Transient + Bastard Noise  – Sources of Human Satisfaction

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