mardi 13 avril 2021

Drumcorps - Better Days (2021)

Better Days
is in my opinion the best release from Drumcorps, having the radicality and impact of "Grist" (the frst album from 2006) but less samples-based and with a more condensed and better songwriting, while the melodic/shoegazy element that appeared on "Falling Forward" is feature in the Better Days song, with a good result. And if you don't know yet Drumcorps it is an Aron Spectre project mixing breakcore and metal, jungle loops and beats and hm-2 guitars and blast beats. Aaron Spectre is also doing the vocals for the first time (it's not sampled vocals any more). Cyber grind? junglecore? Grindbreak? Drum & grind? Has been tried before but rarely so successfully. Recommended!

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