dimanche 18 avril 2021

WRØNG - Snapping the Bones to Make the Limbs Bend (2021)

I'm discovering WRØNG with this album Snapping the Bones to Make the Limbs Bend, but they released plenty of music since 2014, and I regret being late to the party. I listened to their discography all day long yesterday, and I like each and every of their releases. WRØNG is a noisegrind/powerviolence bass/drum duo (with vocals by both musicians) from Australia, even with these limited elements they manage to write a large variety of different songs thanks to their songwriting skills and inventiveness. And as could be expected from a noisegrind drum/bass duo (sometimes venturing into sludge territory) it has the heaviness and groove, the speed and the impact, the noise and the fury. Highly recommended!


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